Deer Block

I know that you’re wondering ‘What the heck is a  deer block?’  Is it a place where deer have to live, like a tower block for deer?   Is it something that stops deer?  No, it’s not either one.   It’s a cube of deliciousness that deer love to nibble on.   It has molasses with oats, corn and magical ingredients that is irresistible.   I just cruise down to the nearby feed store (they also sell food for your horse, rabbit, guinea pig, etc.) and get these so that I can have some entertainment.

I do live in the city, but it’s close enough to the mountains that deer will wander through the neighborhood, eating our expensive landscaping.  Unlike my neighbor down the street, I have no expensive landscaping, so I don’t care if they come around (except when they come up on the porch and eat out of my planter box!).



Apparently, this little fellow did not read the fine print declaring this for deer, because he was waiting for me to put out a new block.   The rabbits like to sneak out in the moonlight and snack on this.   I can see their light fur against the dark earth of the hillside.



Here is a more typical customer.   I’m not sure who this is, his antlers haven’t grown out enough for me to tell.   He spent a lazy afternoon snacking and having a lie down.  I always enjoy having a visit from one of God’s cattle.

Here’s a picture of his doe.



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