The Amana Gallery

I have a thing about refrigerator magnets:  I don’t really like them, yet my refrigerator sports plenty of them.   I guess that means that mine are a different thing than everyone else’s ;-).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This group is from a variety of sources: local, the British Museum, the Louvre, the Marmottan, St. Louis Art Museum, Minneapolis Natural History Museum, Nelson-Atkins Museum and Honolulu Aquarium.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Santa Fe, local, the Quilting Museum and Miss P.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The magnets at the bottom are holding up a piece of art from a young friend.   This is the traditional role of refrigerator magnets.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The late Poochie dog and promotional magnets.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Here’s a picture of one of my nephews as a youngster (he’s 35 now), M and the late Arfy dog.  Magnets from Brazil, London, Seattle and San Francisco, as well as gifts (yes, you thought of me and thought “refrigerator magnet”).

Actually I pity the poor person who has only a pristine refrigerator to look at.


3 thoughts on “The Amana Gallery”

  1. Wow – your refrigerator magnet display is a work of art. Thanks for posting photos of it. (I don’t think anyone would enjoy looking at mine.)

  2. And I meant to add, I like the title of your post: Amana Gallery.

    I just went to look at my refrigerator since I couldn’t remember what kind it is, and discovered the label/logo stuck to it says “Frigidaire Gallery.” Does yours have a label that says “Amana Gallery?” I assumed you made that up.

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