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Back when I was a young and lazy college student I did take a couple of film classes. These were fairly easy classes as it only involved showing up at the student center to watch movies, then going to a lecture where the professor rambled on about the film. As it was very long ago, the professor would come into class and light a cigarette, then he would hold it in one hand while he waved the other hand to make his point. Being a pack of little heathens we would place bets on how long it would be until the ash fell off of his smoke while he blithered on.

Well since that time I have seen a considerable number of movies, and I regularly read reviews to decide if I wish to see a particular film (usually I don’t). But, I had seen a review for a movie that featured many of the things that I like: time travel, sword fights, aliens, Kaiju, comedy and romance. I decided that the best place to see it would be at this film festival because the director would show up, so there I was.

Oh yes, that is was also one of my favorite genres of film, Korean cinema, was a bonus. (Thankfully, it had English sub-titles).

This picture is from the program, I completely forgot to take a photo of the screen while the movie was in progress. I didn’t recognize the main male actors, but I had seen this woman in a couple of things. This movie was quite long, with lots of CG, but the very worst thing about it was that it was only part 1! And as this was the most expensive Korean movie made to date, I don’t know if it will ever have part 2 (but I hope it does, I need to know how it ends).

The screening was at a rather small cinema, just down the street from Buckingham Palace (I had never bothered to stop by this famous tourist attraction before, but I did pop down the street just to say I have seen it). So every seat was filled, (I had bought my ticket well in advance,) and the audience was appreciative. I did get to speak the one thing I knew how to say in Korean to the director, and if there is a part 2 I would definitely go again. It’s a bit far to go just to see a movie, but fortunately there are a few other things to see and do in this city. (As an extra, I also got to speak Russian (which I racked my brain to remember, later that evening.) And I’m a much nicer viewer than I was back in college. 😉







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  1. Elizabeth Warren Fry Avatar
    Elizabeth Warren Fry

    I expect you will have to go back to London to see part 2, if there is a part 2. Or maybe both parts will be shown in the United States.

    Did the director speak English to you?

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