Past and Present

I had to visit the big city, and it was to a part that I don’t normally go past. I usually come to the city for a specific reason: the airport is there, perhaps I’ve come to buy fabric, books or food, or I’m there for a hockey game. But on this day, there I was at a former military base and I realized that the last time I was there was in 1976 (how is it even possible that this was 44 years ago?). I had come to the city for a professional meeting, and my brother was stationed there for a school.

My brother lived in a barracks just like this one (if not this very one). It is currently in use as offices, and is being overshadowed by the massive construction going on nearby.

The higher the rank, the better the house. My brother started out as your average private, and ended up a Master Sergeant.

But the base was de-commissioned in 1999, and is now a medical hub for the area. And of course the building continues.

As soon as one section is up, they add another bit.

I do love to capture reflections, all the wonky lines mirrored against the rigid forms of modern construction. And I hope this area retains something of the spirit of the wonky ghost lines of soldiers who trained here in the long ago past.

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