Finally Fall

I had gone across town to an actual meeting and was wending my way home, when I noticed that there was one of the last farmer’s markets of the year going on. There wasn’t much in the way of produce, but there were the essentials: coffee, butter and dairy, bread and baked goods, all from local tiny businesses. It wasn’t very late, but the sun was already setting, reminding us that summer is going fast.

And of course there was a bit of the local music scene there as well. As long as one plays for free, there is always a place to perform. But enough of this, I had to rush home.

Because I had left my car in a parking lot as the new key didn’t work, and I was in race to pick it up before the night set in. I was hiking across the park as a shortcut to my destination (which is a fairly bad idea except on the trails). Yet it was a beautiful night. One can see the line of cottonwoods and mountain ash that grow along a stream changing into their fall colors. This gives one yet another sign, summer is really over.

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