I think I’ve already mentioned that I have an ongoing love of books, and I am often reading more than one at a time.   How do I keep track of where I stopped?   Why with my handy collection of bookmarks that delineate the books in current rotation.

These bookmarks show some of the places that I buy from.   The Tattered Cover was a great book lovers institution in Denver.  Four floors of books, with a knowledgeable staff and comfy seating.  I went there whenever I had to be in Denver.   But rising real estate prices pushed them out of their wonderful location (and competition from cut-price retailers like Amazon) and now the store is a shadow of it’s former self in an inconvenient location.   Gateway was a funky   used bookstore downtown and was also pushed out by rising rents.    Book depository is a mail order business where I order out of print books that I want.

These are from local authors that I have talked with.   Manuel Ramos, a former Public Defender from Denver writes “Mile High Noir”, Langdon Foss is an artist for graphic novels.   Barbara Nickless is speaking at an upcoming writing conference here.

These are a mixed bag.   I read the book on the B & N bookmark when I was in the Mennonite Women Book Lovers.   I bought a book at Fort Union last year to get the middle one.   And free comic book day has led to some interesting reading (some are even books).

These are the odd bits that I will stick in a book to mark my place.   The top is a winning lottery ticket (on a $1 ticket, I could win a prize of $1, if I take it in to a store).   The middle is a ticket stub from a Jazz concert at an expensive hotel.   Me and M were just sitting down for a drink, and someone gave us the $$$ ticket for free.   At the bottom are business cards.  The one on the left is from a well-known quilter, she gave it to me in Houston years ago and I kept it because it’s pretty.   The other card is from the late-husband of my cousin, he gave it to me the last time I saw him on the rez.   These are some of the bits of the paper ephemera floating through the house, waiting for their turn in the recycling bin of life.


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