One of the many foolish questions that is commonly asked in a job interview is: What is your weakness?  (The correct answer is always “kryptonite”).   But I would have to answer that my weakness is books.   I love physical books, ink on paper, the feel of a hardcover book in my hands, e-books just don’t have this, they seem and are ephemeral, they can just be deleted.   Because I love them, books just follow me home, so that even as I get rid of some of them, there are always more coming in.    I really was not trying to acquire this current crop of books, but here they are.

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The library had it’s semi-annual book sale recently.   On the last day of the sale, it was $5 for as many books as you could fit in a grocery bag.  All of these are mysteries, except for the one by my friend Barbara.   Mystery is my favorite genre,

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And I picked up these books, some of which I had read before, because they also fit in the sack.    So what will I do with these books? Once I have read the mysteries I will probably donate them to the little free library at the Mennonite Church.   Some will probably go on the empty spaces on my bookshelves, until the next purge.

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These books came from a quilter who is downsizing.   She invited me and a couple of friends to come over and take as many as we wanted.   It was interesting to see how many of her books I already owned.  It’s true that great minds think alike. 😉

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She is an artist and quilt teacher that I had first met many years ago.   And a lot of these books are autographed to her, but she is ruthlessly de-cluttering prepatory  to moving.

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So this led to the melancholy musing of what will happen to my books someday.   Perhaps, I will take them with me, but in the meantime I shall enjoy reading them and I promise to make at least one thing inspired from the quilting books.

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  1. “Some will probably go on the empty spaces on my bookshelves, until the next purge.”

    Purge!? I’ve given some thought to purging, but then I stop and think about something else.

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