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I thought it might be interesting to take pictures of some of the signs in my neighborhood.   I live in a middle-class area, and it’s pretty safe.  But, when I looked at the signs that are around I started to wonder???

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

Maybe I’m not so secure after all!   (Especially from those bears.   But they’re asleep until April.)

An American Holiday

Today was that most American of holidays, the Super Bowl.   It’s a holiday that almost everyone observes, because it involves food and booze.  Almost everyone likes that and/or the actual sport.


This is not my stadium made of food, it’s a picture from the internet that captures the spirit of the event.   This would be quite a boring post without a picture.

I was invited to a friend’s house for an impromptu party.  Almost as important as the game is the advertising, companies spend millions of dollars to get people talking about whatever they’re flogging.   So we had to pay some attention to both the sport and the commercials.

Last year the Colorado team was playing (and they were roundly defeated).   You could have rolled a bowling ball down the main street and it wouldn’t have hit anything.   Even though the Colorado team didn’t make it to the finals this year it was still an occasion for lots of parties.  There was not much traffic on the road and you could tell who was hosting the parties by all the cars parked nearby.  It is both interesting and a little disturbing that sport has replaced religion or patriotism in people’s lives.

Next holiday is Groundhog Day (Feb. 2nd) in which a prognosticating rodent determines whether there will be 6 more weeks of winter or not.  Booze is optional for this holiday.




I’ve started on a big, huge, gigantic, overwhelming project, to organize my house.   In some ways this is like an archeological dig, the more recent past is in the top layers and it gets older as one digs further down.    I have a room that is like a black hole, things get sucked (pushed really) into it and never come out.   So I am attempting the near impossible, to categorize what is in there and then to decide if I actually need, want or will ever use it.  I have come across some interesting (at least to me) things of the past.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is a nightgown that my grandmother made for my mom, probably when she was a teenager.   I wore it for a time in my 20’s until the fabric started to disintegrate.   The crochet on the neckline is indestructible, so I think I will keep that bit.   The patchwork in the background was done by my husband’s great aunt.

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This is the button box of my grandmother.   It is a candy tin from the 1920’s.   I found one in perfect condition at an auction in North Dakota and gave it to my mother to replace this.  The little things were inside it.

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This is a Golden Gloves medal that my father won in 1948 before he turned pro.




These pins were my mother’s from when she was in college.  National Honor Society is no surprise, she was very smart and unlike me a dedicated student.   The second pin is the surprising one as it is for dramatics.   I can’t imagine my shy and reserved mother on stage.


This is my little charm from when I was an infant.

It’s surprising the little bits and bobs that survive through moves and changes in life.  I also don’t really know what to do with them.   They mean something to me but have no monetary value, or sentimental value to anyone else.   (Although I suppose that my brothers would like the boxing medal).


My Favorite holiday

When I was growing up we did not get candy on a regular basis, it was a special treat.   However, I went to All Saints School and All Saints Day is November 1st.  This meant that on Halloween me and my brothers would go out and collect massive amounts of candy, both store bought and homemade (except for the health nuts that gave out apples) and there was no school the next day.  This made this the perfect sort of holiday.

When I was a young adult not too many grown-ups celebrated this, but I would make cardboard costumes for us.   They had to cost less than $1 and we would go “trick or drinking”, and make friends give us drinks.

Now I don’t have too many kids in my neighborhood, but I always stock up on plenty of good candy to give out.   I even give candy to the parents who are out supervising the kids.   My sorority is putting together sacks of candy for everyone at an elementary school that we support.  And Miss P will wear her latest Halloween costume and supervise the giving out of the candy (although she would personally prefer to eat every last bit of it herself).

Because of Halloween some of the houses have been attacked by giant spiders.

KODAK Digital Still Camera




KODAK Digital Still Camera


And the usual assortment of skeletons, graveyards, witches, etc.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

Miss P’s costume.  In American football there is a position called wide receiver, so people thought her costume was funny.

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County Fair

I would be willing to guess that agricultural fairs are the same the world over.   I was struck by the need to attend our county fair on the last day, so off I went.   It’s about 35 miles west of town, out on the plains.   A big rainstorm had just come through so it was muddy, but the temperature had cooled off, so it was quite pleasant to stroll around.   The main point of the fair these days is to encourage young people about farming, so here is a girl and her goat.


What is fair without monkeys?


The monkey was infinitely more talented than the Western gunfighter act that I saw several years ago.  And he was apparently in the movie ‘Rock of Ages” with Tom Cruise.   (You can tell them apart because the monkey is shorter).


Of course there is fairground food.  (A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick, dipped in a cornmeal batter and deep fried to deliciousness).



And beer and rides.




Quilts.  But there weren’t too many of these.  I have entered once, but I didn’t get a ribbon, so I stopped.


Here’s a picture from the fair in 1916.  It looks like the big event was a baseball game.


The big events for participants is the prize winning animals.  I did not stay for the final event, a demolition derby.  (Guys drive old cars around in an arena, crashing into each other until only one car is still able to drive.)  I’m pretty sure British fairs are similar.   Our state fair is coming up next month with more of the same only on a bigger scale.