From the name of my city, one might assume that it was loaded with natural springs.   But that is not the case, it was just a real estate come on.   Manitou Springs is a town just to the west and in the distant past it was a popular health resort famed for it’s mineral springs.   (This was apparently based on the idea that if water tasted bad it was good for you.)  The mineral water was even bottled and sold once upon a time.   It is mainly a tourist destination now, with people wandering aimlessly about it’s many shops.   But the springs are still there, and if one is so inclined, the mineral water is free for the taking.

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This spring was recently redone and is very attractive.

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This spring is on the back wall of a very popular candy store. This is probably a mistake as candy tastes much better than mineral water. It faces the arcade, which has loads of vintage and modern pinball machines and games.

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This is another spring that is set into a wall and it is in it’s original state.  Some homeless guys washed off in it, but I noticed that they did not drink it.

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In this picture you can see the spring house, and the rather plain spring outlet in front of it.    Because there is a spring house it may be that the springs are actually being pumped out and don’t just flow.


This is the spring of Colorado Springs, located in a park by a creek.   It was capped off some years ago.   A group was looking into restoring it, but it will cost a lot of money to fix, so for now at least we are spring-less.



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