Home on the range

‘Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam,

Where the deer and the antelope play’

In this beloved western song, several false stereotypes are being perpetuated.   Buffalo like to graze, perhaps on buffalo grass (such as what we planted on the lawn to replace Kentucky bluegrass).   Buffalo liked living on the prairie before they were nearly exterminated.   I don’t think that there are any wild buffalo left, they are just raised for meat, so they are unlikely to roam, although I am sure that they would like to.



Antelope also like the prairie, and can often be spotted as you drive along east of town.

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This gang was hanging out just east of the dream home, and pretty soon houses will be built where they stand.   Antelope are very fast runners so they don’t mind living in the open.    They’re God’s cattle and pretty much go where they please.  No fence can hold them, they’re great at jumping.



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Deer on the other hand, like to have some cover.   They both nibble on the trees and bushes, and hide in them.   So at least in Colorado they live in the mountains, or foothills, or my yard.    They are also a little bit cranky and sometimes like to fight.   So they are unlikely to ‘play’ with the antelope, although they might kick some antelope butt.   The song is just plain wrong. 😉   But,

‘Bury me not,

on the lone prairie,

Where the coyotes howl,

and the wind blows free’

This is a much more fitting song.KODAK Digital Still Camera

This coyote was over by the library, stalking a rabbit.


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