I went to a small pow-wow at the Institute for American Indian Art, a boarding school in Santa Fe.  Pow-wows range from gigantic, like March Pow-Wow in Denver, to the small and personal, like this one.   KODAK Digital Still Camera

This guys are fully decked out in Plains regalia.   It is possible that they are from a Plains tribe, most of the local Indians are from one of the nearby Pueblos.

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This little guy is dressed in Plains regalia.

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Miss Navajo (unlike most beauty pageants, to be named Miss Navajo one needs to be able to kill and dress a sheep) had on her traditional outfit, but her son did not.

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This detail of a dance outfit shows the mixture of tradition and modern.

I was in a store when the movie Pocahontas came out.   Some little girl was pestering her mother for a Halloween costume so that she could look just like an Indian.   Except when there is pow-wow, we just dress like everybody else.   But at the big pow-wows you have to have a outfit to be able to dance.   Sometimes they call for a certain style of dance, so only people in that outfit can dance, when it’s intertribal anyone can join in.

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  1. Just catching up on your blog. I love the horses, the clouds and the flowers. But most of all I love Miss Navajo: the skills she has, as well as the outfit.

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