This area has had humans living in it for centuries, but my neighborhood has not.   My house was built 35 years ago, before this only cows and wildlife  lived in the area.    But we can see traces of things that once were here and now are gone.

The train once ran on this side of the creek.   It was moved to the other side of the stream when they put in the freeway (motorway).  They made these railroad culverts to last, and they have.

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Barbed wire kept cattle off the tracks.

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US Highway 85 ran along beside the tracks.  This bridge was built for the highway.  This bridge over a nearby creek was built as  a WPA project during the depression of the 1930’s.   (My grandfather worked for the WPA  in another state and said that he made a dollar a day and was glad to get it.) I presume this project had a similar pay scale, but the workers did a great job and it was in use until very recently.

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US Highway 85 was an important north/south route.   It ran for over 1400 miles, from the Mexican border to the Canadian.   Before it was replaced by the freeway it went through every little town along the way, it was the main road along the length of the Rocky Mountains.

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