Miss P

pen and pearls

Today Miss P would like to share her thoughts.

I am almost 12 now and looking back on everything I’ve had a pretty good life.   I moved into my present house in November, 2004 when I was adopted.   Before that I was homeless and lived on the streets of Woodland Park eating garbage and rabbits (both of which are very tasty!).

I love the water!   I have webbed feet and was born to swim although I had to learn how to do this when I encountered deep water.  In fact I went swimming today at the special doggy swimming pool.



I have been told that I have a pretty face, even by total strangers.  And many people ask about my beautiful curly coat.   I have naturally curly fur and I’m not part poodle.





I have a lot of hobbies:  destroying squeaky toys, chasing tennis balls,  eating (I’m not picky and it doesn’t have to be actually food), searching for dropped food (places with little children are the best for this), rolling in interesting things and going for long walks.


I also sort of like posing for pictures.

One thought on “Miss P”

  1. I like the way you wrote from Miss P’s point-of-view. Very funny about the food.

    I agree – Miss P does have a pretty face.

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