Men about town

Strolling about town, one notices that there are a number of representations of men.

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This fellow with his back turned to the mountain, was the European person who gave the mountain it’s present name.   He used to be facing the mountain, but when the city moved him, they turned him around.

The city founder was an abolitionist who became a general during the American Civil War.   His horse (also a male) (possibly Diablo) was not awarded any rank for his participation.

He made pots of money by staking gold miners, and as he had no heirs, he left lots of his money to the city.

Another mining millionaire who left his money to the city.

This cowboy reading a newspaper reminds one that people are (or were) literate and news is worthwhile (or not).

The bloodsucking count immortalizes the intentions of the real estate interests of our fair city.

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