Neon Night

When I go to the pub, as it is imported from England, everything is quaint and vintage (even the new bits). But on this night I was not off to the pub, it was ’round to the bar with some like minded friends to talk politics. And a proper bar needs some neon signs (sadly, bar stools have been outlawed).

I loved that they had hung these two signs together, Coors, a Colorado beer, with it’s triangular indication of mountains and a triangular piece of neon pizza. And the pizza from this bar is freshly made to order and quite good so it’s an appropriate indicator.

I suppose this sign appeals to the patriot opposed to them there foreign beers. I was born in the shadow of their brewery, and have perhaps drank my share of this product when I was younger, but I can’t say that this is my favorite today. (I do like me a foreign beer).

Any bar has to have sports memorabilia, because presumably beer is the beverage of choice for sports fans. I am not a football fan (or a Bud Light fan), but this is a rather attractive bit of neon.

So one of the other breweries made in the state had this lighted sign supporting the ice hockey team. It’s readable, but doesn’t have the minimalist charm of the neon signs. I don’t suppose that any of these signs influence a person to try their wares, but it wouldn’t be a proper bar without them.

One thought on “Neon Night”

  1. I look forward to being allowed to sit on a bar stool again—if I’m not so much older when that time comes that I can’t get up on one.

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