To the west of my house is a giant (14,115 ft) mountain. And as effects of the light is ever-changing I take rather a lot of pictures of this, although some of the most interesting views are the ones seen through the windshield as I am driving along running errands.

A recent evening view. I also get a snapshot of this every evening as the street light comes on, from my doorbell (Oh thanks).

What makes this picture unique is that it was taken on May 21st, last year!

April of last year.

I generally like mermaids and I generally like octopi. but I somehow don’t really like them when combined in this art. But, I suspect that one could not find another city that has one like this (I hope).

I have heard a rumor that there are also beautiful sunrises on the mountain, but I personally have never seen one (perhaps one day). 😉

One thought on “10 Views”

  1. Love the sky in these photos. And the contrast between April and May. Backwards, isn’t it.

    Where is the mermaid-octopus sculpture? I want to look for it.

    The photo with the horse statue is stunning. Where was it taken?

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