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I like to draw and I like deer (but I don’t really know how to draw them). But there was a ‘photo of the day’ in the newspaper (yes, I read a physical newspaper) recently of a rather nice looking stag, so I decided to try to draw him.

So I made this drawing in my sketchbook with a watercolor pencil and I liked it so well that I decided to do another version of it.

This one was done with watercolor pencil and ink on a postcard. I was going to send it to a friend, but I thought it turned out rather well, and I was afraid that I could never do another one quite as good (probably true).

So I decided to try and draw this image in different ways. Here he is in watercolor and ink with a red stripe outline against a dark background.

And here’s the opposite, a dark deer against a light background. (I don’t really like the way this one turned out, I think I should have used a different color for the light and made the darker bits darker. Oh well, that’s another drawing.)

This was a different sort of image, abstract blobs of color against a pale gray background, outlined in black pen. The antlers are a helpful clue, one can guess that it’s a deer.

I found it interesting to try different ways of doing the same image, and I hope that I learned enough to make another ‘good’ drawing. Perhaps I will send the postcard to someone, someday (but not today). 😉







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  1. Elizabeth Fry Avatar
    Elizabeth Fry

    I like the dark deer against the light background. And the ones with the blobs of color.

    I would say, “Actually, I like them all,” except “actually” is one of the 12 words/phrases I’m trying not to write for a week (a Benjamin Dreyer challenge in _Dreyer’s English_). To add insult to injury, here’s another “actually:” On page 4, Dreyer says “Feel free to go the rest of your life without another ‘actually’.” I don’t think I can.

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