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My other favorite toy is the great Godzilla.   It’s hard to describe my exact relationship with Godzilla, but for starters we are the same age, so I guess we grew up together, separately.  There is an ambiguity about him:  he is sometimes bad, sometimes good, and a visit from him always involves a certain amount of mayhem and sadness.   In questioning why he doesn’t destroy them, a character in Godzilla 2000 says “there is a little bit of Godzilla in all of us”.

This is Rex.  While technically not a Godzilla, he does seem to be related, perhaps a grandfather of sorts.   I worked at a toy store when I first moved here.   I bought one of these for my friends’ dad as he loved mechanical toys.   It was so cool that I had to have one too.  Rex is about 30 years old and has gotten rather creaky in his joints.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The first Godzilla I bought is Japanese.   He’s a tiny thing, but I love him.


This one is my favorite, the classic, original Godzilla.   I love the expression of his face.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I also have the newer Millennial Godzillas.  I don’t think that they really capture the essence of his appeal.   CG is not nearly as interesting as a person in a monster suit.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The European premier of the latest incarnation of Godzilla took place when I was in London, so I went over and and saw some of the movie stars, but Godzilla was a no-show.   (After seeing the movie I understand this, after all he had hardly any screen time.)


There are lots of Godzilla blogs and I ran across two that I like.       and        who did an entire year of blogging  pictures from previous movies.  While I’m not completely obsessed, I do have a special place in my heart for the big lizard.


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  1. I got a gnome-eating Godzilla for my birthday. I’ll put a photo on Facebook as soon as the snow melts enough for me to put it in my “Gnome Garden.”

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