Fly tippings

I started keeping little books of quotes I liked a couple of years ago.   They are interspersed with little drawings, grocery lists and phone numbers.   My friend the librarian told me that such things are called ‘commonplace books’.  The quotes are quite idiosyncratic, just whatever struck my fancy at the moment.  They are things that I read, and lines of dialogue from movies and tv that struck me as funny.  GA sent me a link on fly tipping and that started me on a new conceptual art project.

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Rita Mae Brown in some novel.

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This quote is either by Ian Rankin or a TV writer and was from an episode of Rebus.

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Neil Gaiman in “Sandman”.   These skeletons and roses were a present from the teacher in a sewing class.

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I don’t remember the source or why I wanted to use this, but here it is.

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And this quote is for you GA, from Dennis Severs in “18 Folgate Street: A Tale of a House in Spitalfields.

I was at the store and some young clerk asked me what I had been up to today.   He was rather surprised when I said ” making art”.   I guess I don’t look the part.

I was excited about doing a new project, so thanks for push GA.   I expect that I will do more of these later.

2 thoughts on “Fly tippings”

  1. This post made me want to read through my commonplace book and I’m glad I did (started anyway), because I found a quote I’ve been trying to remember: Joseph Epstein, “Familiar territory,” (couldn’t figure out how to do italics in HTML), p. 204 (or it may be p. 209 – my writing is messy):

    “Is family one of life’s pleasures – peace and quiet are two others – that is most earnestly desired when it is absent, almost unbearable when one is immersed in it?”

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