Looking through the glass


There is a certain voyeuristic thrill in observing people unaware.  And large un-curtained windows, brightly lit on a dark night make this voyeurism inevitable.

These folks are enjoying the cozy ambience of the pub.   I wasn’t really aware of the people, I actually took this picture for the sign, which I thought was hilarious.  It was only when I was picking images for this post that I noticed the people.

Not shown are all the folks standing in front of this building, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.  This side of the building is across the street from a church which bears the sign ‘commit no nuisance’.  So I assume that is why the smokers are not on this side.

Who could resist taking a glance into this shop window?  It is obviously the sort of place a very hip person might patronize.  It’s minimalist, modern and spare, yet there stands  a statue of wrestler Hulk Hogan in the window.  Why?  Perhaps it indicates that they only cater to professional wrestlers, although surely one’s glasses would be toast in the ring.

Nearby hipsters were getting a new do.   Most likely something cooler than before.  It’s not the sort of shop where old guys hang out and swap lies, which is the sort of place my brothers would go to.

Here’s another view of across the street.   Again, it seems to be a sort of hip, minimalist office.  Perfect for a early evening meeting before heading out, perhaps to the ancient pub.


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