My father had a love of robots.  I’m not sure if it was driven by science fiction movies, or the idea that robots are invincible against us puny mortals.   Since it wasn’t very fashionable for adults to collect toys, he would buy robots for us, and these robots  were not particularly invincible against young children.


About 37 years ago, I bought a wind-up toy as a birthday present for a child of a friend.   It was so delightful and cleverly constructed that I had to have one for myself, and that was the start of my collection.  The toys have to be wind-up toys, although I have allowed a few of other sorts to slip in because they were so irresistible.  I go through spurts of buying, and manufacturers are always coming up with new designs as well as repeating older ones.   Here’s a some of the toys from this year.



KODAK Digital Still Camera

These are walkers, side movers, hoppers and spinners and were purchased locally.

new toys

I bought these in England, but they are from the same manufacturer as the others.  That’s globalization for you, and they were more expensive since I paid in pounds.  These are flippers, a walker, roller, and a swimmer.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Halloween walkers purchased in Santa Fe.  I was there with a fellow toy collector and got inspired.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

More toys from Santa Fe.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Hopping heads, purchased downtown.

I have hundreds of these little things, I’ll share more of them later.






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  1. Edith Avatar

    Your dad liked robots too, like mine! How extraordinary. Love the post.

  2. Elizabeth Fry Avatar
    Elizabeth Fry

    From now on I will be more aware of wind-up toys, although I don’t plan to buy any – that could be a slippery slope.

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