Outside my window

I have my computer in the upstairs bedroom.   I don’t check the internet a zillion times a day, I like to check it and read anything interesting in the morning.  While I’m sitting here I have a couple of bird feeders to keep me entertained.  I have unfortunately trained some of the squirrels and the jay birds to also beg for peanuts, so I have to constantly stop and hand out treats.  (If I didn’t hand them out, they would immediately empty a feeder.)


This is Sooty, giving me and the freshly filled feeder the eyeball.  These little black squirrels mainly lived in the forest to the north of town, when there was a big fire last year some of them moved south.


Here is a pinon jay eyeballing me.   These are the most common type of  jaybird in the area.   I see the ordinary Blue Jays as they migrate in the spring and fall, as well as Stellar Jays.







Sometimes I see the deer.


A ninja squirrel.  I also get visits from Bold Squirrel, a very lady-like squirrel who takes peanuts out of my hand.


A young Grosbeak, also a summer bird.


A Northern Flicker woodpecker.   These can be a real nuisance if you have wood siding on your house.   I have stucco, and I go out and yell at them if they try anything.


This upside-down bird is a nuthatch.   They love to get sunflower seeds out of the feeder, then they smash them against the bark.

I counted up the different kinds of birds that I see throughout the year and there are about 25 different species.   The most hilarious are the baby birds.  They will sit on the feeder, act pathetic and beg the parents to pick up the seeds and feed them.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

No birds, just the turning leaves.

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