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KODAK Digital Still Camera

There is fresh snow on the mountain today, we got rain yesterday and the day before.   It’s unusual for this time of year, we usually get snow in town before this.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is Albert, Junior enjoying a snack yesterday.   He was accompanied by his friend, a younger buck.   I think I know all the deer in the neighborhood.   There is this doe and her two fawns.


Not pictured is the big buck and his harem of 4 does, they were also here, but I did not get a decent photo of them.   He stood guard while the ladies nibbled at the deer block.   My nearby feed store has closed; now I have to drive across town (which takes about 15 minutes 😉 to get their snacks.   So I stocked up on enough deer treats to last for a while.

I went and saw my dentist on Thursday, he is getting out of rehab on the 31st but he still has more surgery ahead.

One hummingbird had stayed behind when the others left but he too has finally decided it’s time to migrate south.   Meanwhile the pinon jays are keeping busy burying peanuts and corn for the winter.  It’s the last weekend for beautiful viewing of the yellow aspens in the mountains, soon enough it will be winter.

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