street art

It’s quite a lovely thing to be strolling down the street and to come across an interesting bit of street art (not tagging graffiti, which I find dull for the most part).

My attention was drawn to this piece by the person who was photographing it seconds before I took this shot.   Peace to you, too giant skeleton person.

I have this thing about herons;  I hate them.   I hate them because they refuse to stand still and be photographed (although I still try every time I see one).   But this heron is not going anywhere, so I was able to capture it.

I was actually taking the photo of the piece with the alien, balloon and bag of money (the bag of money being a necessity in any big city).  Later I noticed the piece of pixel art above it.   Could this be from the noted French artist Space Invader?   Quite the enigma as the artist does create anonymously.  But it certainly is in the Space Invader style (who knew this was a thing?).

And then I came across this piece in front of a Truman’s pub.   I do know who created this, thanks to a blog post in Spitalfields Life.  The artist and model is Robson Cesar, in his preferred medium of beer bottle caps (bottletops to you Brits).   I have heard the saying “the purpose of art is to communicate”.   Or maybe the purpose of art is to just add a bit of color and interest to life.   Whether it’s the former or the latter, I think that the artist involved achieved his goals.

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