Monkeying About

What is it about monkeys that makes them so interesting?  We share a common ancestor and also share a lot of DNA, and we have some similarities with them, except for the tail bit.   And they are quite adorable and if you are obsessed you can notice them in many places.

They have quite a distinctive and easily recognized silhouette, like this pattern on a floor.

And they make lovely lamps.  Here they are available in whichever sort goes with one’s decor.  (I’m not sure what it says about one to actually purchase this for one’s home, but these can be bought in a rather swanky shop.)

Perhaps a monkey on the wall fits in with one’s decor better than a table lamp.   (But I do think that lamps need to have a shade.)

They are so very human in their expressions, this one seems to be quite sad gazing down on the passing multitudes.

It’s too bad that people don’t have tails, they are a built in security blanket, easy to wrap around and protect one, in case a scowl is not enough.

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