I don’t usually take pictures with people in them except by accident.  I am nervous about asking for permission, as this might change what I found interesting about them.   And if I don’t ask for permission I  might be stealing their soul.  But I did take these photos with people in them recently, because there was something that I found interesting about each of these folks.

I was sitting eating lunch alone and this young person sat near me and started drawing.   The sketchbook had lovely line drawings on another page, but the artist was working on big graphic blocks of color in this drawing.  I did ask permission.

I noticed this teacher leading a school group because she was wearing this beautiful bright dress against a backdrop of her identically dressed students.

I saw this guy and was fascinated by the fact that he was wearing a Lenin tie clip and had these Soviet medals on his lapels.   So I trawled through my memory on how to ask if I could take a photo in Russian.  (Russian is a very tongue-twisting language).  As it turned out he was an English communist going home from a rally to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.  I would have found out more, but my stop came up.

I was waiting for the bus when this guy showed up on the street corner.  I just loved his outfit, I thought it looked quite theatrical.  Then he waved down a taxi and was out of there before my bus ever showed up.

It was the shoes on the woman that caught my eye as she walked by.  Patent leather Vivienne Westwoods that surely would have broken my ankle if I had been wearing them.   I don’t know why the guy turned around, maybe he is a politician and was worried or married.  (And he was wearing ordinary lace-up Oxfords).

Perhaps the most unusual person (?) I saw was Death.  All the people around him seem unfazed and uninterested.  I guess that they figured he was not coming for them right now, so it was okay that he was in their midst.  😉

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