Halloween was once my favorite holiday.   Before it became the adult party extravaganza that it is today, it was just a holiday for children to go out and beg for candy.   One could buy sacks of candy and perhaps the odd spider or two.   But now there are lots of things sold for those who like to go mad with decorating.   And I appreciate their spirit, because someone has to do it.   The people who once went all out with wires and flying figures have moved on, but others have accepted the challenge of totally covering their yards with scary stuff.

These folks always have a yard full of carved wooden bears, and the bears wear seasonally appropriate decorations, like these Halloween costumes (I bet that the people give out really good candy too).

I especially love these low-tech homemade displays like this one in my neighborhood.   Well done!

This skeleton appears to be running away from the grinning big pumpkin.


Dogs are usually friendly, (at least the dogs I know are.)  I’m not too sure about skele-dog.

Skeletons peeking in the windows are just the worst.  They are a bigger nuisance than having woodpeckers (yes, Ms. Woodpecker I know that you think my house is perfect for you, but I disagree).

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