Beer has been a popular drink ever since it was first invented thousands of years ago.  But for many years (at least during my life) there was only the standard sort of commercially produced beers from big manufacturers.  In more recent times, local craft beers have become popular, especially here (even our state governor used to be a brewer).  I was at a charity auction and bought a brewery tour of one of the more popular places for me and some friends so off we went on a beautiful Fall afternoon.

The brewery is located in a 100 year old schoolhouse in the south part of town.   There is something about setting foot in a school, that brings back memories of being 6 years old (but this school never had nuns as teachers at least).  And best of all, this school has beer instead of cafeteria food.  😉

It is full of high tech equipment to produce their five flagship types of beer, as well as the special seasonal offerings (this week had locally famous pumpkin beer on tap).   They produce every sort of beer imaginable, Scottish ales, India Pale Ales, Belgian beers, Stout (aged in whiskey barrels), wheat beer, Pilsners and barley wine.  And they are constantly doing community events and good things for local charities.   And they allow dogs to have lunch with one out on the patio (well it doesn’t get much better than this).

But it does get better.   Right now they have four beers that celebrate Nikola Tesla.  And who could resist a beer named World Peace Death Ray?  (It actually was a delicious high alcohol, hoppy beer).

So maybe we don’t know why this lab is laughing, but a good time was had by all (except for the bit where we had to find a place to park).


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  1. It was a great tour – and I agree that the World Peace Death Ray beer is delicious.

    Thank you for inviting me.

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