Local Ghosts

I did attempt to visit some of our local ghosts at the end of summer.  The city cemetery was offering a “meet and greet” with the spirits of some locals of note, and this sounded like a good opportunity to get to know them.

Last up on the tour was the founder of the city and his missus.  He was an abolitionist, joined the Union Army and made the rank of General in the American Civil War.  He built a mansion for his missus, but she did not care for the locals altitude and moved to London (a local school is named for her).   He is remembered with a statue of him and his horse that sits in the middle of an intersection to this day.  (His ghost did not address the issue of whether this is a good idea.)

This guy was the second father founder important figure in the  history of our city.  He had come to the area to work as a carpenter.  So he did this sort of thing in the winter, but during the summers he took off and went prospecting in the mountains.   He did find silver,  started a mine and became a multimillionaire.   As he had no descendants he used his money to start a charity that cared for the aged and others, and the foundation he created cares for the disabled to this day.

Captain Edward Sheldon is a lesser known person who ended up living here.   He was also an abolitionist, and was once arrested in Iowa helping escaped slaves get to Canada.   He was tried for his crime, but a sympathetic jury refused to convict him, and the former slaves were able to continue on to Canada.  He latter got the rank of captain in the Civil War, and after the war he moved here.

There were other local ghosts on the tour, but the day was quite hot and I had not had lunch.  So I contented myself with meeting these four ghosts.

I encountered these pioneering spirits when I went to the hardware store.  Their stories are unknown, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves anyway (and perhaps they needed light bulbs too).

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