There is something fascinating about recreating a familiar object as  a giant sized thing.  You know that I love robots, and a 20 foot tall robot (albeit an unmoving one) is quite a splendid sight.  This robot  has stopped to smell a flower, so it must be a friendly robot.  (Otherwise it might just want  to crush the poetry van in front of it).

Spiders are another matter entirely.   Most people scream at even a tiny harmless spider.   But this giant spider is inert, so I guess it might be safe to sit under it.  (Unless it is drawing electricity from the nearby power line and just waiting for a chance to make a move!)

I love this over sized bird giving one the eyeball.   What does it want?   Some over sized sunflower seeds perhaps?  Or is it planning on making a giant nest before the attack?

I don’t know what’s up with this insect and I’m not sure if it is supposed to be an ant or a termite.   It sort of looks like a mash-up of these species.   But what I started thinking about were eurypterids, giant sea scorpions (12 feet long) that once roamed around in the shallow sea in New Mexico wreaking havoc on smaller species.  One can find their fossils around Socorro as I have.

And at the end one comes to this enormous and mysterious rabbit.  (And you know how I love bunnies).  Is it an alien species?  Did it have anything to do with the creation of this place?  You’ll just have to visit Santa Fe for yourself and reach your own conclusion.

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