Santa Fe

This time I did not just take an imaginary trip to Santa Fe, I actually went.  My friend was driving to Albuquerque, so I hitched a ride and we were off on the adventure.   After a stop in the old (probably not considered old in England, but the mines aren’t being worked at present) mining town of Trinidad for a Sicilian pasta lunch, it was on to New Mexico.   We followed Mr. GPS’ directions and got an unusual view of Santa Fe (note to self: do not trust machines, they can’t see where they are going).

Founded in 1607 near the site of an earlier Pueblo settlement, the center of town is laid out perfectly for defense and horses, but not cars.   At one time the plaza was actually the center of the town, with a hardware store, cafe, Woolworth’s, etc. but now it is entirely given over to tourists.   The full name refers to the Holy Faith of St. Francis.


There are scads of artists that live and exhibit in Santa Fe, as there are a number of rich people (movie stars, etc.) who both visit and live there.  One of the currently popular motifs in art is crows, which I love.






As well as other sculpture.


The other draw is the quality of light and the architecture, which makes it easy to get interesting photos.






The only thing that I really, really wanted to do while I was there was have drinks on the rooftop bar of the La Fonda Hotel.   The La Fonda is an old (for America) hotel, built in the 1920’s, that has not been modernized into oblivion.   When I was a college student we would come here for dinner on special occasions.


After a quick stop in Raton (another old mining/railroad town)


it was back to my ordinary life.

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