Fry Bread Dog


Miss P and I were out and about today when we decided to go to the pow-wow.   The first thing they said to me at the entrance was “Is that a service dog?”  I looked down at her.  She’s a labramutt wearing an ordinary collar and a gentle leader because she pulls.  No sign of the special harness of a service dog.  “No” I said, “She’s a fry bread dog and she is here to get some fry bread”.   They looked her over for a moment and then said, “Well, in that case she can come in” .



So, we ordered a Navajo Taco to share, which is fry bread topped with pinto beans, meat, lettuce, cheese and salsa.  And it was delicious.   What is fry bread you might ask.   Depending on the treaty, the United States Government is obligated to give Native American tribal members certain things, like cloth and bacon, and very often flour.   Again, depending on the treaty, the government does this to this day.  Fry bread has become traditional at pow-wows, thanks to this policy.   It’s a simple dough, made with flour, water, baking powder and salt, then fried.  Sometimes it’s served with honey or icing sugar on top as a sweet.


There were wolves from the wolf sanctuary there, and Miss P does not like wolves so we left before the dancing started.   Also as usual the drum was late, so it was going to start on Indian time.

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