Signs of Autumn

As I was putting Miss P’s next veterinarian appointment on the calendar, I noticed that it is the officially the first day of autumn.    The signs are there, but I was pretending that it wouldn’t come for a while.  Here are a few of the things that prove me wrong.


The mountain is shrouded in clouds and mystery, when the clouds clear, will the mountain have snow?


The chiles are a lovely red.   Lots of places have chile roasters set up for green chiles (rotating metal cages, with a propane flame shooting up) and there is the wonderful smell in the air from this.   Red chiles are dried instead of roasted to keep for the winter.

The pinon jays and squirrels have been busy burying the corn from the bird feeder, the hill is full of corn at this point.    The hummingbirds took off in the night, I heard them buzzing around yesterday but now they have started the migration south.


Here’s a late blooming volunteer adding a splash of color on the steps.  Soon it will be gone.






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  1. Edith Avatar

    I love the little details in your posts, and the thoughtfulness.

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