Multiplying, no Subtraction

I know that I often speak of downsizing, getting rid of my possessions.   But things keep following me home and I am powerless to resist (well perhaps I don’t try to resist all that hard).   I love rabbits, they are so adorable and who could possibly have too many rabbits (probably me).

Besides having the outdoor rabbits I now have these cuties (yes I am aware that I didn’t really need them, but).

These ones are small enough to fit in my pocket, and they were left over from our most recent garage sale, so I decided to give them a good home.

And books continue to be a weakness as well.   And these were free, but I did promise myself that they will join the great cosmic pile of stuff out there, somewhere, at a later date.

These will join them too.

But for now I have had to find places and spaces for this stuff to reside.  I do notice that the ceilings are rather bare.   Hmm.



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