In travel adverts we see beautiful stylishly dressed people walking along deserted white sand beaches.  On travel shows, the host chats with friendly locals who are delighted to serve him/her the fabulous local specialty.  That is the fantasy, the reality of most travel starts with an airport, much like this one.

Here’s your friendly neighborhood bar, although don’t get over-served or they will not let you on the plane (unless that is the captain on the next bar stool.)

How about a little overpriced food?  It’s your last chance for sustenance before you reach your final destination.

And if you are traveling on an overseas flight, there is the duty-free shop.   Who doesn’t need another pocketbook or some booze for the long flight ahead?

Ever wonder what the smartly dressed cattle would wear on vacation?

Here be a  dragon that guards the snacks.  I am old enough to remember when airlines served food (typically sort of bad food, but it was food) instead of tiny packages of pretzels.

And what airport worth it’s salt doesn’t have an enigmatic bit of art.  I’m not sure what it represents, except perhaps the experience of travelling.

One thought on “DFW”

  1. I remember being served meals on airline flights. TV-dinner sorts of meals.

    Now passengers have to bring meals on themselves if they want more than the tiny packages of pretzels. And it seems rude to be eating next to someone who has only the pretzels.

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