Spring snow

I much prefer Spring snow to Winter snow.  You know that the ground is warm, every day is getting a little longer, and this snow will quickly melt, rather than sticking around outstaying it’s welcome.  It does slow down the pace of life, especially for me as I am afraid to drive when the weather is mucky.   But I had to drive across town this morning, and I must admit it was a rather lovely day.

I was walking down the street when I stopped to admire the icicles forming on this imposing roofline (click on the picture for details).

The snow changes the landscape and morphs it into the sort of place where one might see a fairy hiding away from the cold.

The main street runs down the horizontal bit of town, the rest of it slopes sharply upward and I always wonder ‘how do they get their groceries in?’.

The Little Engine that Could graces the nearby park.   Built in the late 1880’s this engine powered a cog railway to carry tourists up to admire the view.   On a day such as today they would not have been able to see much besides softly falling snow.

The scene today is peaceful and almost pastoral, I saw a few hardy souls out walking their dogs.   But there was very little traffic, it was mostly just me and my thoughts, admiring the quiet.

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