It’s well known that rabbits are pests.  Just look at the career of Peter Rabbit.

He is famous as a carrot thief, and he lost his new jacket and slippers almost as soon as he got them, he’s very careless and doesn’t listen to his mother.  But, he is also adorable!  As are all bunnies, and this is the season that we celebrate them.   So here are a few pictures of the newest rabbits in my collection (yes, I do remember that I am supposed to be downsizing, just not today).

There is just something appealing about the little round shape of the rabbit.

They do try to hide, but the ears always give them away.

This is one of the bunnies that lives down by the mailbox.   He came running up the driveway as soon as he saw me one morning recently.

And this is the rest of them as well.   I tried buying commercial rabbit pellets for them, but they did not like that nutritionally balanced stuff.   This is sweet mix (a horse treat), oats, corn, and crunchy bits coated in molasses.   They are rabbits after my own heart. (And they are probably where Cadbury Eggs come from!)

One thought on “Bunnies”

  1. I know bunnies are pests and eat one’s garden plants, but I agree, they are adorable. Much more adorable than squirrels. Even thinking of Squirrel Nutkin doesn’t make me like squirrels.

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