I recently acquired these books from yet another hoarder house that my sorority helped to clear out.  There were lots of paperback books, those went to the free library of the guy who helps the homeless, down on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. (I really hope he liked these, as there were five boxes of them).  But, in this house I did find a couple of books that I really needed to add to my collection. ( I am falling behind in de-accessioning books). 🙁

What are these books?  Why they are the same books that we had in the house when I was a child.

And I remember them quite fondly, Mom read some of the stories to us before I knew how to read, and later I read them myself.

This edition was published in the late 1940’s, they had lots of charming illustrations to go with the stories, bits and bobs of popular culture of the time.

I especially remember Mom reading aloud from this book of poetry, she had a fondness for poetry, even of the children’s sort.

Children’s literature always had a moral to it.

Like “be kind” and “treat people and animals as you might wish to be treated”.   Which I suppose is still good advice.

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