The gang

I think that Rosa has become the matriarch of the neighborhood herd.  She is certainly the friendliest and least fearful of the local deer.  That is Adele standing in the background, she is a little skittish and is ready to bolt at the slightest thing.

Adele does have a sweet face to go along with her shy disposition.


Tamara (the lame) used to be the matriarch of the group.  But she has a crooked leg, so she is just not as swift as the other bunch.  She has been hanging around for a couple of years, so I know she is older than the other does.

This is one of the youngsters of the group.  I call her the angry deer because of the eyebrows, but she’s not really angry.  She’s the oldest of the youngsters, I think and the offspring of Tamara.   She’s medium skittish, but always glad to see me.

This was the view out my front window one day last week.  The herd makes the best sort of lawn ornaments!


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