I had an invite to a college hockey game, the local team was playing North Dakota.   M and I used to live in North Dakota, a hockey-mad state, so we often used to come to the games to see them when they played here.  The local team is not very good, there were lots of empty seats and there were definitely more people in the seats wearing green ND jerseys.

My friend and I were sitting behind the home goal, and both teams spent a lot of time at this end.

And it was a tremendously exciting game, the opponents had 47 shots on goal and did not score.  The local team, from an expensive private college, scored in the second period and had two empty net goals at the very end.   The ND fans were stunned by this turn of events, but because they are nice people from a nice place, they weren’t rude about it.   The interesting part about their team is they were formerly known as “the fighting Sioux” (named after a Native American tribe).   Their ice arena was donated to the school, and the Sioux emblem is everywhere.   But the NCAA (collegiate sports governing body) forced the team to change to name to “the fighting Hawks”.  I did not see a single jersey with a hawk on them. 😉

I saw the name on this player’s jersey and I immediately wanted to take his picture.   Pool boys are an urban myth, (like in the movie “Adventures of a Window Cleaner”) but Poolman was real, and there were two of them.

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