More Gallery People

Once again I saw in the newspaper the magic words “free” and “gallery opening”, so off I went (there was even free parking!).  This exhibit promised fiber and women’s work in art so I thought it might actually be something I was interested in.   And at this opening I actually ran into people I know, more traditional fiber artists.

The shaggy beast mounted on the wall is the art, and I was rather disappointed that there was a lot more wall space than hanging art.

These lost souls were reading the gallery notes to try and discover what it was they were looking at.

A hipster wearing a hat,  he obviously has never heard of the fact that one doesn’t need a hat in a place where it doesn’t rain.

This show had better food than the last one I went to, that’s a lovely baked brie with delicious dates and fresh fruit in the background.   There was also guacamole and chips, ice tea and lemonade for the youngsters, and beer and wine for the elders.  Once again they forgot to ask me for my ID to prove that I am over 21. 😉

And this is me, once again capturing the shadows.

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