I alluded to the fact that it was amazingly windy two weeks ago.   How amazingly windy?   Well, whoever keeps track of these things recorded a wind speed of 100 mph on the south end of town by the Army base.  We occasionally get winds of up to 60 mph, but this is pretty rare even.  So the big blow was a big deal, it even made the national news.

This is from my neighborhood, two large trees that went together, fortunately missing the house.   I have a lot of trees on my lot, and they are all still standing, this guy was not so lucky.

This tree is across the street from one of my friends.  It broke in half, again missing the house.   A pine tree my friend had planted in her back yard 35 years before also blew over.   But she is a resourceful sort, and she and the hubby reduced these to to a large pile of firewood.

There was also numerous semi trucks (lorries), fences and signs that blew over, and lots of roofs lost their shingles.  I had one tile come loose, which is not too bad, but I still haven’t fixed it.  The sad part is that now everyone’s insurance will go up, even though this was an uncommon event.   But we’ll just plant more trees and life will go on.


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