Gallery people

I hadn’t been out much because of the weather.   I saw a listing in the newspaper (yes I still read a physical newspaper, digital is just not the same) for a gallery opening, and most importantly, it said “free”.   So off I went and miraculously found a place to park as well.

The most interesting part to me was that it was full of hipsters.  One doesn’t see  these walking around very much, at least not at the sort of place I frequent.

This is the tarot card reader telling the fortune of this young man (you will graduate from college someday, and get a job)  She was wearing this stylish black jumpsuit and some wicked looking high heels, not the sort of thing you see everyday.

The reason that there was a tarot card reader was because that was what the exhibit was about.   Someone got the idea to make  “black power” tarot cards.  I’m not sure how this is different from any other tarot, but the artists did get to show their work and probably got paid as well.

There was an experimental (plot-less) film showing on one wall and I heard the term “white privilege” bandied about.  I could tell who the filmmaker was, he was the man wearing a scarf  casually wound around his neck (not pictured unfortunately).

One of the artists.

There was the usual sort of swill to drink, by which I mean delicious Bulgarian wine.   They had a sign to indicate that one needed to show proof of age to be able to imbibe, but they forgot to ask me for some reason. 😉  And of course there must be some sort of nibbles to go along with event.   There were roasted beet appetizers and this lovely cake, the shadow is me, just drifting through this event.

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