We’ve had a run of bad weather, first it was ice and snow, then it was gale force winds.  And what does one need to get through a stretch of bad weather?   Some people rush to the stores to get bread, milk and eggs, but I need to to have a lovely pile of books to set by my bed.  So this is what I have been reading.

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I haven’t gotten too far in Ancient Worlds, but The Invention of Murder is quite interesting.  One of the many points she makes is about the number of murders that take place in the novels of Charles Dickens.  She cites the original source material Dickens used, and it makes me wonder why Dickens is still popular (sort of, it’s considered literature, and good for one) while his other contemporaries have fallen out of favor.

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Rain Dogs is a mystery (my favorite genre) set in Ireland (which is almost as good as an English mystery).   Of course I love Terry Pratchett, this is one of his witches novels.   I did see a list recently in The Guardian where people talked about their favorite laugh out loud novels and I was surprised that his work was not included.   Go figure.

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There was not too much to read in this book, but it had some great inspiration to it.

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The quilting book also had some inspiring art, perhaps I will give this a go again sometime (I do have a rather large pile of unfinished quilts).  And the last book pictured is about French culture, it could be handy if I ever go back to France (in real life, not just in my imagination).   These were enough to get me through some rough weather, and now there is more possibly on the way.   I’m ready for that too.


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