half a star

Well I submitted a picture of me and P to be extras in this movie that they are making nearby and we were booked.  I had to list our heights and weights (of course I lied about mine).

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Actually, first I submitted a family photo to be used as set dressing in a scene, this was accepted and I signed a release so that they could use it (not shown because I look like a total dork) .   Then I submitted a photo of P taken at Tony’s Bar when they asked for interesting faces, but they didn’t take her.   I think she has a lovely face.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So we went down to the town they are filming in to scope it out and got a motel room so that I wouldn’t have to drive all that way early in the morning.   They give you a secret phone number to call for specifics the evening before.   We were back at the room when I heard the words “no dogs” on the message.   I did call them pretending to be P and I mentioned that I was in fact a dog, but that I was booked.   So it was a matter of waiting to see what happened.   We went to the place for our 9:45 call and got accepted.   Another extra said “I thought there were no dogs”  and I said “but she booked”.

We stood in line with the 300 other extras to do paperwork including a non-disclosure form, so no pictures of what we did.   We ended up sitting with the wardrobe women  and Miss P got a lot of love from them.   Then there was a catered lunch at 11:30, more paperwork and a wardrobe inspection.   They had asked us to bring two changes of clothes and no black, this really limited my choices 😉

They finally set up for the scene, a parade in a small town.   There was the high school marching band, young women in sparkly leotards that did handstands and cartwheels, a woman wearing an Elk costume riding in the back of a pickup, a bunch of little girls twirling batons, some Shriners driving little tiny cars, the tractor guys and a giant inflatable duck at the very back.   Our job was to sit there while they paraded over and over and over and I am sure that we are not in the scene they photographed.   They recorded the band playing first, then they just mimed playing so that they could get some dialogue of the main characters.   I can say that I have clapped eyes on Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in the flesh, and they are both shorter than I imagined.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is the house they are using here in town, and we walked past while they were taking a lunch break.   All in all it was an interesting experience, but I don’t think we will repeat it.

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