So I’ll admit that I am easily influenced and that I like to try new things.   I did see the poster for the Acrocats on Sunday and thought “why not?”  (There are probably lots of good answers to this eternal question, but I wasn’t really looking for one.)   So I was off to the circus.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

These cats travel in style in their lovely purple tour bus adorned with their photos.  And the weird looking mound behind the bus is the roof of the place that they are performing at.   (I have lived here long enough to remember when it was a funny round movie theater.)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The cats even have a pace car to escort the bus, and who doesn’t want to drive around with a giant cat on the roof.  Not just any cat either, it’s Tuna, the star of the show.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This cat was plonking away on the keyboard, no doubt thinking about her idol, the internet sensation, keyboard cat.  Or perhaps she was thinking of the tasty treats that they get when they perform.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We were required to yell out this cat’s name to get her to perform, so we did.  “It’s Tuna!”  Playing the cowbell to a steady beat.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This cat (I think it was Oz) seems to be unimpressed with fame.   As with most animal shows, the real trick is to take something that the animal would normally do, like leaping about, and incorporate the action with some silly patter and bad puns from the trainer.  I would say that the mission was accomplished.   Although some of the performers did go walkabout during the show, anyone who can get cats to perform on command is a darned good animal trainer!  The cats were completely adorable and lots of money was raised for the local cat shelter; and a good time was had by all.







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  1. Edith Avatar

    I would go to see that show.

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