I’m not sure why I look forward to getting the mail out of it’s box, but I do.   When I was young we got the occasional letter or box of goodies from a distant aunt, but then as now, it was mostly bills.   But I live in hope, and every day I go down to the mailbox and see what the Postie has brought.

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On this day I got a phone bill, an Easter card, notice of an alumni event, brokerage stuff, and two crisp new dollar bills for participating in a radio ratings scheme.  Overall, it was a pretty fair day.

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Here’s a more typical haul, adverts and special offers, but I also got another Easter card.

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This day I got a catalog, a mortgage offer and adverts.

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If an envelope says “Important: Open Immediately” you can pretty much bet that it is unimportant and can be safely ignored.   But I did check just to make sure, and no, I do not want to buy a new car.

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My favorite here: Get a free pest estimate.   I would like a free dinner, but not enough to listen to a salesman flog their product.  I don’t need tires and I certainly hope that I don’t need the services of a hospital.

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This batch included a quarterly newsletter from an organization that I belong to, most other groups just send an e-mail, which I seldom read.  This lot was rounded out with another credit card offer, insurance offer, brokerage stuff that they are required to send and an advert.   Looking through all this stuff, it made me wish for the days when I got letters, although I was a terrible correspondent.   Most of my letters started out with “sorry I haven’t written sooner”.  Oh well, I still look forward to seeing the Postie six days a week, maybe next week I’ll get more interesting stuff.

One thought on “Mail”

  1. I used to write letters and I used to receive letters. Now, thank-you notes from my granddaughters and cards from a few friends, very few – they mostly send eCards on the internet – are all the personal correspondence I get.

    I wish I had saved more letters. I have a lot of interesting (to me) ones my ancestors saved and I’m so glad they did.

    My question each time the post comes: “Is there anything that is going to aggravate me?”

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