It all started with “Tales of Peter Rabbit”.    Yes the lovely story of the misadventures of this mischievous young rabbit was the start of a love affair with the family Leporidae.   And Easter is their holiday, starting with their chocolate representatives who bring us both hard boiled and candy eggs.   Who wouldn’t like such a splendid species (other than gardeners, farmers,  Australians, Elmer Fudd, etc.)

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Here’s my copy of the story, it’s not actually the one I originally read, I’m sure that was a library book.    Accompanied by my porcelain rabbit that I bought when I worked in a toy store about 30 years ago.   I had a Peter Rabbit, but my last dog decided it was too tempting  a treat to go untasted.

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Here’s my newest rabbit, it is a “velveteen rabbit” from the story of the same name.   It is actually some sort of plush, but that is a minor quibbling detail.   Next to it is an Indian rabbit, made out of a Pendleton blanket, I bought this at March Pow-Wow some years ago.

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This bunny belonged to M, and he got it when he was a small child and first came to America, so that would make it close to 60 years old.

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These are my new bunny salt and pepper shakers.   It’s not anything I needed, but they were too adorable to resist (note to self:  you must try harder to resist things).

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Here is one of the actual bunnies that lives down by the mailbox.   I took this picture the other day as Miss P barked madly at her.   Today we are having a spring blizzard, so I expect that they are all snug in their rabbit holes, eating blackberries and cream like the siblings of Peter Rabbit.   Poor Peter, he had to go to bed without this treat.


2 thoughts on “Bunnies”

  1. We have a rabbit that lives under the steps outside our back door. We call him “Peter,” of course, and watch out the window while he nibbles our grass and ground cover (which is supposed to be “rabbit resistant”).

    This morning B saw him in our neighbor’s yard across the street, and then saw him after he ran around the side of our house. He made straight for his hole under our steps.

    I like rabbits. I do not like squirrels due to a bad experience with them chewing the wires in my car and causing considerable, and expensive-to-repair, damage.

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