In cities like London and New York, it is the dream of developers to build towering structures, dedicated to maximizing profits from presumably  fabulously wealth people.   Here, there is plenty of land, but only limited water.   And that influences how the course of land development goes, but not the dream of making money.

It takes a certain kind of dreamer and a person with financial know- how to bring a project to completion (hopefully they know each other).   And it doesn’t always work out the way one plans, like this example.

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Yes, that is the sky, visible through the empty window frames of this proposed shopping mall located on the far northern edge of town.  They got as far as building this gigantic space, complete with plenty of parking.   Then they ran out of other people’s money, so it sits half finished and empty, waiting for a need or a reason to complete it.

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Located quite near is this unfinished dream, just down the road.   I think it was supposed to be a hotel, or water park, or some sort of destination recreational/shopping place.   They did get further along in construction before it was abandoned, it has windows.    Now it is being finished by another group, perhaps they will succeed in drawing crowds.

Fifty years ago this was the newest and best. And it was opened with a proper amount of hoopla as report in the local paper.

“Speeches were as scarce as the expected snowflakes at the ribbon-cutting ceremonies of the Rustic Hill Plaza Shopping Center on Wednesday.   Binky the Clown and his Binky-Go-Round captured the children’s attention while shoppers were busy receiving gifts of ice cream cones, shower caps, ballpoint pens, Coke, notebooks, stationery and hot pad holders from the plaza shops.”

Now it sits empty, waiting .

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The grocery store, drug store, Chinese restaurant and small shops that once filled it have all disappeared.   Leaving only a shell that is occasionally rented out for gun shows.

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These bench seats sit lonely and abandoned in a parking lot.   This large, beautiful, specially built restaurant was going to be a landmark in the city.   It was quite popular when it opened, but the building cost too much and the owners did not make money.   And various new people came along to try and make a go of it, but didn’t.   The latest attempt led to a new sign, and that is all.   Big dreams, pipe dreams, all that is left are the shells.   Until some new dreamer comes along.


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