Another reason this town exists is because of fresh mountain air.  Once upon a time, before automobiles, people used to move here because of the clean, clear air.    Especially for persons with tuberculosis, because at that time fresh air and rest was the only cure.


This vintage scene recently appeared in the newspaper.   Note the Indian rug in the middle of the room.   This is the west after all.

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Over the years most of the original TB sanitariums have developed into hospitals   But this former sanitarium is now the administration building of the local university.  The extension on the front was a sleeping porch, the windows would be open year round for that healthful air.


This photo from the 1918 also appeared in our newspaper.   This sanitarium had 35 beds, which I assume means that there were 35 little houses.   And there are still some remaining around the city.

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They can still be spotted in various places around town.  This one is at the entrance to a tourist attraction.

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These ones are also in a tourist area, and they remind me of elf houses (assuming that elves are real).


And as recently as 1940, the air was still pristine enough to draw people here.  Of course now there is medicine to treat TB.   Now people with allergies and asthma worry about the quality (or lack thereof) of our air.

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